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Our Vision
Researchers should focus on research,
not on legislation and administration.

We believe that researchers should be able to focus on their research. The necessary administration should be automated as much as possible, saving time and resources. This is even more important when research becomes more complicated and study population grow due to the increasing amount of multi center studies.

The financials to accommodate the research do not keep pace with the growing complexity and size. Because of this it can be profitable or even necessary to lower the operational costs of research by automation.


When processes are automated, they are also standardized. Every subject is included or excluded in the same manner, every email or letter is created under the same conditions and every subject gets the same CRF’s. In this way, saving costs will go hand in hand with increasing the quality and productivity of the research.


In addition, there is also the increased pressure due to legislation and regulations with regard to the privacy of research participants. Processing the participant and research data in a GDPR compliant way is a must. Access to this data must be regulated. The technical security, for example separating the personal and research data in a controlled manner, must be optimal.


That is why we developed SLIM. SLIM is a web based application for administrative and logistic processes in research combined with the safe processing of participant data. Workflows ensure that the work is performed more efficiently and productivity is increased, even if it concerns one researcher on a small-scaled study. Privacy by design and privacy by default make it a safe and GDPR-compliant application.

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