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P2R currently has 2 add-ons:

  • Integrations

  • Population hierarchy


One of the key features of P2R is the separation of research data and directly identifiable personal data.

However, P2R can integrate with data collection systems such as EDC’s. The functionality P2R can provide depends on the EDC.

P2R is currently integrated with Research Online 2 and Profiel.

  • P2R is able for Research Online 2 to take over the process of adding a new subject to the EDC system, allowing to directly show the correct forms to the subject. It even checks if the subjects fills in the forms. This helps to reduce unnecessary reminders.

  • P2R  is able for Profiel to send the included subject details to Profiel.

Population hierarchy

P2R allows you to define a hierarchy of subjects in your project.

For example, you can define a registry containing all the subjects active in various sub studies.

You can use Informed Consents from a registry in a sub study, even if the sub study has its own Informed Consent.

Subjects that are included in the register can be added to a sub study with one click. When added, a subject then follows the process of the sub-study

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